How to use family share pages

Content in general should be of interest to the same family group as is included in our FB Messenger group and the associated video conference calls. Please also use these pages to promote what you do, both for a living and for pleasure (within limits), but don't expect me to publish any social / political viewpoints, pictures of animals (unless they are yours) or your dinner. Leave those on Facebook.

Send me any content via an email, a message, or use a file share server if it's big.

I can accept just about any video format. For publication to this site your content will either be published to YouTube in a private space linked to this site, or for very short video clips they may be published and streamed directly from this site. Anything taken straight from a smartphone or domestic camera would be fine. I may run your content through a video editor if the format needs changing or the content needs enhancing. Video for Mum would be put in .mp4 format on a memory stick so she can look at it on her TV.

PHOTOS:- These will be placed in a gallery on this web-site and stored as .jpg images on a memory stick for Mum.

MUSIC:- Only music where copyright ownership can't be in dispute can be published here. This will mainly be promotional material for friends. However links to your favourites held elsewhere are all within bounds and it is always interesting to know what other people are listening to. Just send me a link and maybe some words to go with it.

FAMILY TREE:- Based on the tree created by 'Grandad' Lovibond in the middle of the last century, this tree will be kept as wide and detailed as possible. These are early thoughts on the subject and how it should be recorded, maintained and presented are not yet set in stone. I will as far as possible maintain adherence to GED standards and link into upcoming enhancements to those standards as we progress. It is early days.


Technical information: This site is created and maintained using Rapidweaver (with stacks) and published to our Linux / Apache based web server which sits in our loft in Sevenoaks. Publication at present is limited to anyone who has FTP access to the server (James and me) although I am looking at wider access for some pages. Videos will be published either in a private area of YouTube and integrated with the site, or directly streamed using HTML5. Prior to publication videos may be reformatted using DaVinci Resolve or Final Cut Pro editors. Pictures will not normally be adjusted (except put the right way up) and will be published in .jpg format. For security some areas of this site may be passcode protected and a degree of copy protection applied.